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Transplant services

When an organ is compromised by trauma or begins to fail, a transplant may be the most suitable treatment. Transplants involve removing a healthy organ or tissue from a donor to replace a diseased organ, blood or bone marrow in a recipient.

Transplant services in Nashville, Tennessee

Transplant procedures can be truly life changing. We support you in that journey.

When you need a blood or bone marrow transplant, TriStar Health's experienced team of surgeons, doctors and nurses will make sure that you are confident, informed and comfortable, from first consultation to recovery.

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Type of transplant services we offer

We are proud to offer you and your loved ones high-quality transplant services thanks to both our dedicated staff and our leading-edge technology.

Transplant services we offer

We are fortunate to have teams of specialists that focus on blood or bone marrow transplants. This means that our surgical staff has extensive experience in this procedure, and is wholly committed to bringing you the best possible results.

What is a bone marrow transplant?

A bone marrow transplant, sometimes also called a blood transplant, is a procedure that gives your body healthy stem cells from either from yourself or from a donor. It's used to treat serious conditions like sickle cell anemia, leukemia, lymphoma and genetic disorders in which your body can no longer produce healthy blood cells. Though the procedure can be intimidating, we will be there with you to keep you comfortable and safe at every point. Our priority is always our patients and their health.

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