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Hospitalist care

Where your primary care physician may be stretched too thin between office visits and seeing hospitalized patients, hospitalists solely work in the hospital and will communicate about your care regularly with your doctor.

Specialized care for hospitalized patients in Middle Tennessee

Sometimes, there are delays when you're receiving care from your primary care physician. Whether your appointment is delayed because your doctor is at the hospital or you are hospitalized and waiting for your doctor to discharge you, it is not uncommon to experience long wait times. We offer hospitalist services to help with this.

Hospitalist physicians manage and direct your care, keep your primary care physician informed of your progress and are available to answer any questions you or your family may have about your care plan during your stay.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is usually an internist (doctor specializing in internal medicine) who focuses on hospital inpatient care. Unlike your family doctor, hospitalists do not see patients in a clinic. Instead, these providers choose to devote themselves to seeing patients in the hospital full-time, using updated practice guidelines and the latest information in treating acute care needs.

What are the benefits of hospitalist care?

Hospitalist services are valuable because one of our hospitalist providers coordinates with your primary care doctor to take care of you while in the hospital.