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Hospital chaplaincy

TriStar NorthCrest�s spiritual care team is here to comfort you in times of difficulty. Patients and their families can request a range of services including a visit from our chaplain, prayer leaders and emotional counseling.

Our spiritual care team

In times of anxiety or crisis, we are here to support you and your family by offering comfort and support. Our team works with you to:

  • Serve as liaison between families and medical/nursing staff to clarify their personal feelings and needs.
  • Provide assistance in search for meaning and acceptance of loss and death.
  • Coordinate opportunities for sacramental ministry.
  • Serve as leaders of prayer when appropriate and preside at services for patients, families and/or staff. Anyone can request a chaplain’s visit—the patient, a family member, clergy, the physicians, or a member of the hospital staff. Visits to newly admitted patients will be attempted, but request for chaplain services will always be honored.

When should I request a chaplain?

Situations in which you might wish to request a chaplain include:

  • A patient and/or their family is anxious about their condition
  • Surgery is anticipated
  • Bad news is received
  • Difficult decisions are faced
  • There is a religious question
  • Prayer is needed for patient and/or their family
  • Times of grief
  • Difficulty with emotions
  • Loneliness
  • Struggles with the meaning of a patient’s illness in regard to critical ethical issues

To contact the Chaplain Office dial (615) 698-3601 or email.