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Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Rehabilitation helps you regain strength and learn new ways of completing daily activities after serious injury or illness. Rehabilitation may include physical therapy, occupational therapy or speech-language pathology (speech therapy).

Rehabilitation Therapy in Hermitage, Tennessee

If you've had surgery, a stroke or a debilitating injury or illness, our therapists can help you recover.

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation program combines physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, rehabilitative nursing and neuropsychology services. Our therapists and doctors work closely with you to ensure each care plan is specific to your needs and goals. From children to older adults, we provide the compassionate, experienced care you need.

Need a physician referral?

TriStar MedLine can help. We are available by phone Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm CST.

TriStar MedLine can help. We are available by phone Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 7:00pm CST.

Our physical therapy and rehabilitation services

We offer several types of rehabilitation services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, on an inpatient and outpatient basis.

Inpatient rehabilitation

Our inpatient rehab center offers a comprehensive physical therapy program. Your medical care and rehabilitation services are directed by a board-certified physician. Our dedicated rehabilitation unit provides a therapeutic environment 24 hours a day.

We also offer you access to education, disease management, diet assistance, home exercise programs and other social and emotional resources to help you manage your care at home.

Additionally, when you choose the rehabilitation center at our hospital, you have access to:

  • 20 spacious, decorated private rooms with large private baths
  • 24-hour medical and emergency care
  • Board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians
  • Latest technologies to improve independence
  • Nursing and therapy team
  • Other medical specialists

Medicare and most private insurance plans cover some or all of our rehabilitation services.

Physical therapy

Our physical therapy team is specially trained to strengthen and mobilize your muscles. They will help improve balance, coordination and movement as well as assist with the elimination of back pain disorders. We can also help you if you experience:

  • Balance, gait and vestibular difficulties
  • Spinal disorders
  • Weakness, pain or loss of functional mobility

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapists focus on improving independence and strength in daily activities. This includes bathing, handwriting, dressing, fine motor skills and energy conservation. Our therapists offer a variety of services and treatments for:

  • Bone, joint, soft tissue and neurological disorders
  • Injured or weak hands and upper extremities
  • Education and training regarding basic living skills
  • Fabrication of splints or adaptive equipment training
  • Pediatric developmental challenges and neurological disorders

Speech therapy

Whether you are having trouble swallowing or are experiencing another communication problem, our speech therapists can evaluate and treat your condition. We also care for you if you have a neurological disorder or difficulties following advanced surgeryor oncology treatments.

Our services include assessment and treatments of:

  • Oral motor and swallowing difficulties
  • Pediatric language challenges
  • Speech fluency and voicing

We also provide memory and cognitive training, neuromuscular electrical stimulation treatment and video swallow studies.

Outpatient rehab center

In addition to our advanced inpatient rehab center, we also offer a convenient outpatient clinic. This state-of-the-art facility allows you to work with physical therapists, speech therapists or occupational therapists during one-on-one appointments that fit your schedule.

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