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About us

Learn more about the history of the largest and longest-standing psychiatric hospital in Nashville, TriStar Centennial Parthenon Pavilion. We provide specialized inpatient and outpatient care to patients with mental health conditions.

Why choose us

We understand that you and every single one of our patients are individuals deserving of a healthcare plan crafted for your specific for needs.

That's why our multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses and other experienced professionals works together to understand you, address your concerns and bring you excellent mental health care and the best possible results.

Some of our highlighted practices include:

  • Establishing Clinical Nurse Leaders, who are assigned to each treatment program to ensure individualized patient care and high-quality outcomes in recovery.
  • Maintaining a continuum of care with TriStar Centennial Medical Center, which means that our we can provide dedicated behavioral healthcare with the full support of the medical services of a leading-edge hospital.
  • Using "mind-body" approaches to recovery, such as mindfulness and yoga, which encourage physical healing in support of mental healing.
  • Applying proven, positive-approach models in order to provide tailored and compassionate dementia care to your loved ones.

With these practices and others as key facets of our program, we strive to give you and everyone in our care supportive and effective treatment, from admission onward.

TriStar Centennial Parthenon Pavilion statistics

  • 2,023+


  • 407

    Licensed beds

  • 704


  • 121,500

    Patients treated in 2020

Our Leadership
Our hospital leadership teams are dedicated to continually improving our services, abilities and safety practices. They ensure our patients and our communities get access to the high-quality care they need and deserve.
We regularly publish articles when we add new services, departments and advanced technology, so you can see all the benefits our hospital has to offer.
Community assistance program
Our Community Assistance Program (CAPS) is devoted to providing around-the-clock mental health support and crisis evaluation to our immediate community members.