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For physicians at TriStar Health

Our physicians can find information about signing up and logging in to our digital platforms, as well as resources on physician credentialing and connecting with other hospitals in our network.

Information for physicians at TriStar Health

Welcome to medical staff support services

Healthcare delivery continues to increase in cost and complexity of systems. We do everything possible to identify ethical and helpful ways to keep costs down, yet deliver the very best to each other and to our patients. We accomplish that by pulling from shared strengths, resources and best practices in quality care.

Health information technology

HCA Healthcare stays abreast of technology advancements not just clinically, but also in regard to record-keeping and patient information. Our goals are to increase accuracy of information, efficiency of accessing and sharing information with other medical professionals and, ultimately, improving the quality of our care.


Meditech is an integrated healthcare information system. It offers you, as a healthcare provider, immediate access to accurate, up-to-the-minute patient information, including:

  • Abnormal test results
  • Adverse events
  • Drug interactions
  • Lab results
  • Medications
  • Possible reactions
  • Radiology reports
  • Vital statistics

You can also sign your dictated reports electronically without having to visit the hospital medical records department.

Picture archive communication system (PACS)

PACS is progressive technology that digitally stores and transmits a patient's medical image to any hospital in the market connected to the system. If you have access to high-speed internet, images are available at your home or office via a secure website. These digital images are sharper and cleaner and can be enlarged with greater clarity to aid in diagnosis.

Benefits experienced with the market-based implementation of PACS include:

  • Acceleration of clinical decision-making
  • Immediate availability of critical prior and comparison studies
  • Improvement of turnaround time for reporting of studies
  • Increase in physician satisfaction through the easy availability of images
  • Simultaneous availability of images in hospitals, doctor's offices and homes, allowing specialists and radiologists to consult on patient cases


Muse is a critical care monitoring system that provides online viewing of patient electrocardiograms (EKGs) and electronic signatures by physicians.

Connecting with other HCA Healthcare facilities

Belonging to a network of providers is only a benefit if you know how to efficiently access that network. That's where our Physicians Relations team comes in. Our team collects and provides the information needed to streamline referrals and foster physician-to-physician communication.

Your Physicians Relations contacts are:

Centralized credentialing

Providing quality, patient-centered care is our mission at TriStar Health. So we partner with physicians and other medical professionals ("Providers") who have the necessary qualifications and credentials to deliver quality, safe and compassionate medical care to our community.

Credentialing and privileging

Our rigorous credentialing process follows federal and state regulatory requirements, as well as accreditation standards for verifying the education, training, licensure and current competence to ensure that privileges are only granted to qualified Providers.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding physician credentialing, please contact our Medical Staff Office.

Visit the credentialing portal

Digital tools for physicians

24/7 physician support

You can get reliable technical support any time, any day.

Call for technical help

Remote access to our platforms

This is the primary way to access our systems remotely on any windows, MAC or mobile devices.

Link to remote access

Password reset tool

If you forget your password, Password Reset is an application that helps you unlock or reset your Windows network or Meditech account password without calling the Help Desk. To use it, first create a profile and then remember "passwordreset" if you ever need to unlock your account.

Reset your password


PatientKeeper helps HCA Healthcare to house patient data from multiple providers and departments in one secure area. This makes it easier for you to find the data you're looking for so you can make informed decisions, ultimately ensuring the communities we serve receive the best possible care.

Sign up for PK8

MModal Voice Recognition

MModal is the speech recognition software used within our hospitals.

Download the Mmodal Mobile application

Single Sign On

Single Sign On is a one-time toolbar that saves your password and gives you access to all of your frequently used applications. It also allows you to use your badge to log in to computers to make it easier to go from one device to another.

View Single Sign On instructions

Physician learning center

Our physician learning center is an online portal dedicated to non-employed HCA Healthcare physicians. Online access means convenience, whether you need to complete required training or catch up on CME credits.

Access the physician learning center

UptoDate app

UptoDate is a paid offering from HCA Healthcare giving you access to continuing education and CEUs.

View UptoDate instructions