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For visitors at TriStar Centennial Women's Hospital

Get the lay of the land before you visit TriStar Centennial Women's Hospital with helpful information about visitor guidelines and services including Wi-Fi access, gift shops, parking, our chapel and food court locations.

Visitor policy

Each laboring mom can have up to five visitors at one time.

All visitors and patients are required to wear a mask.


  • Visitation of siblings age 2 years and older is permitted.
  • Visitation of children (non-siblings) under the age of 12 must be arranged in advance with the patient's nurse.
  • The number of visitors must not impede patient care.

NICU Visitation: 

Upon admission, the patient's parent will be asked to complete a Visitation Information List, which includes 4 visitors who are allowed to visit the patient without the parents. Each patient of a multiple birth must have the same Visitation Information List.

II. Every visitor will be asked to complete an Illness Screening Form. Any visitor with symptoms of illness or with any condition that may place the patient at risk for infection will not be allowed to visit the patient. After initial completion of the Illness Screening form, visitors must self-monitor and report an onset of illness prior to visiting. Visitors who develop any cold, flu, or COVID symptoms should not visit the NICU.

III. All visitors 18 years and older will be required to present a picture I.D. and sign an attendance sheet at the secretary's desk prior to each visit.

IV. All visitors must be 13 years of age or older to visit, except siblings of the patient. Visitors who are between the ages of 13 and 17 must be accompanied by the parent of the patient or a designated support person.

V. Each patient is allowed 2 visitors at the bedside at a time.

VI. Parents may visit at any time in the NICU. During the hours of 0630-0730, and 1830-1930, only parents are allowed to visit in the NICU.

VII. All visitors will perform a 3-minute scrub of the hands, forearms and elbows with antiseptic soap and don a cover gown prior to entering the NICU.

VIII. Parents/grandparents may take pictures with a camera of their infant only.

IX. Parents/visitors may not hold cell phones while holding the patient. If cell phone use is necessary, then the parent/visitor must wash their hands after using the cell phone, prior to touching the patient.

X. At the discretion of the bedside registered nurse, parents may use their cell phone to video chat with family who are unable to visit the patient. Only the patient's image may be captured in the video. No hospital personnel or other patients may be included in the video chat image. Screens may be placed around the bedside to provide privacy during the video chat session.

XI. Visitors are not permitted to eat or drink in the NICU. Mothers of patients may drink water when visiting their infant in the NICU.

XII. Visitors may visit at the bedside of only the patient that they are designated to visit.

XIII. Overnight/sleep by parents or visitors is not permitted in the NICU.

Sibling Visitation:

Siblings of the patient:

1. Siblings ages 6-12 can visit during open visitation hours with a parent present

2. Siblings age 3-5 may visit during our Peek-A-Boo hours on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:30pm - 6:30 pm

3. Siblings ages 2 and under are not permitted in the NICU.

II. A meeting with the Child Life Specialist may be scheduled prior to the visitation.

III. Siblings must be accompanied by and adult visitor and must be well behaved in the NICU. A second adult visitor may come in if the child visitor needs supervision. Siblings that are not well behaved may be asked to exit the NICU by the nurse's decision.

IV. During the cold, RSV, and influenza season only those children 13 years old and older may visit. The cold, RSV, and influenza season typically lasts from early fall to late spring, but may be extended at the discretion of the neonatologist. 

Circumstances may allow for specific exceptions to any visitation restrictions described on this webpage. Those circumstances include religious visitation as well as a designated support person for a patient with a disability to provide assistance with communication or other necessary components of the patient's treatment. All persons entering under an exception remain subject to appropriate infection control protocols.

Information for our visitors

Find out more about our visitor resources and services below.

Visitor parking

Complimentary parking is available for patients and visitors. Please refer to the campus map for information regarding parking.

Gift shop

A variety of gifts, flowers, toys, snacks, toiletries and greeting cards are available for purchase at our gift shop.

Food court hours

Our food court is located at 2221 Murphy Avenue and includes:

  • Fooda Pop-Up Restaurant is located on the second floor of our hospital. It is open Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 1:30pm.
  • Panera To You is located on the second floor of our hospital. We partner with Panera Bread Company to deliver delicious meals three times daily via the Panera App. Be sure to write "WCH" in the special instructions field to order. Please note:
    • Orders placed by 5:30am are delivered to drop off by 6:45am.
    • Orders placed by 10:30am are delivered to drop off by 11:45am.
    • Orders placed by 6:30pm are delivered to drop off by 7:45pm.

Wi-fi access

Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available for patients and visitors.


Our chapel is a quiet place for reflection, prayer and meditation. It is open 24/7 and is located on the first floor of TriStar Health Tower. To reach a chaplain, please call (615) 342-3911.

Tobacco-free policy

In keeping with our campus-wide tobacco-free policy, the use of tobacco products is not permitted inside or outside the hospital or in buildings owned by the hospital.