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TriStar NorthCrest colleague makes lasting impression on patients

NorthCrest making patients feel at home close to home.

September 01, 2023
Delores Willeby of TriStar North Crest

You don’t have to be one of Delores Willeby’s patients to experience the joy she exudes on a daily basis at TriStar NorthCrest. Known as “Mama D,” Delores works as a Same Day Surgery tech and takes great pride and care to prepare patient rooms for the unit. But, it’s not just her work on the unit that make her a fixture of the hospital. Delores has the ability to endear herself to everyone she meets, providing comfort and compassion when patients are preparing for or recovering from a procedure.

“She has such a compassion for not only her patients, but for her team,” said Kendra Farmer, RN. “Patients adore her and often times begin referring to her as ‘Mama D’ before they leave.”

Although she works in Same Day Surgery, she can often be found in the café tracking down a patient’s favorite food, or, just last month, she was out in the pouring rain helping a patient find her car. Patients always remember Delores even when their only interaction with her is during their wheelchair ride to the front entrance.

“Whether it be a blanket, a pack of crackers, or a friendly conversation, I enjoy providing whatever is needed to make our patients and families feel comfortable and at home while they are with us,” said Delores.

Delores was the recent recipient of the hospital’s Be Exceptional Everyday (BEE) Award. Her coworkers nominated her for the award and all shared the impact she has on patients and her colleagues.

“’Mama D’ is certainly the glue that holds us all together,” said Kendra. “We couldn’t do all that we do without her.”

September 01, 2023
TriStar NorthCrest Medical Center