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Jocelyn Minchy

Jocelyn Minchy sees success post surgery.

April 25, 2024
Jocelyn Minchy posing with her physician, Dr. Jameil Abou-Hanna
Pictured is Jocelyn Minchy with her bariatric surgery physician Dr. Jameil Abou-Hanna two weeks post surgery.

Grateful patient thrives, marking first weight loss surgery at TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center

TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center launched a new bariatric surgery program in November with the addition of Dr. Jameil Abou-Hanna, board certified and fellowship trained bariatric surgeon. In February, the hospital celebrated the success of its first weight loss surgeries.

Jocelyn Minchy, 31, struggled with weight her whole life, but she found success with TriStar Hendersonville’s bariatric surgery program, losing nearly 30 pounds post-surgery.

“Working with Dr. Abou-Hanna and the bariatric weight loss team, we discussed medications and surgical options. He gave me his honest opinion of all options,” said Jocelyn. “He was very thorough, taking his time to educate me and my mom so that I would have the best outcome. I just wanted to be healthy and not have to take blood pressure medications or end up with diabetes or a heart attack.”

She was able to go home one day after surgery with minimal pain medications using the minimally invasive techniques. Six weeks post-surgery, Jocelyn was doing well and pleased with her strides in weight loss and seeing how her health challenges were improving.

“Jocelyn’s success underscores the importance of comprehensive support including medical guidance, nutritional counseling and emotional support throughout the weight loss journey,” said Dr. Abou-Hanna. “I am pleased that Jocelyn chose us to achieve her goals and reclaim her health.”

To learn more about our weight loss management program at TriStar Hendersonville, contact our bariatric program coordinator at 615-338-1000 or go online at

April 25, 2024
TriStar Hendersonville Medical Center