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The curriculum in our family medicine program provides resident physicians with experience in a broad range of specialties such as emergency medicine, pediatrics, geriatrics, sports medicine, gynecology, behavioral health and cardiology.

Residents will receive a robust experience of inpatient and longitudinal continuity Family Medicine care with additional experiences in surgical and medical subspecialties to broaden the depth and scope of chronic illness management.

At the end of program training, residents will demonstrate the ability to provide and lead a robust practice of interdisciplinary-focused family medicine.


Rotation Duration (months)
Inpatient family medicine 3
Emergency medicine 1
Outpatient pediatrics 1
Obstetrics 2
Newborn nursery 1
Surgery 1
Night float/radiology 1
Outpatient Family Medicine 1
Geriatrics 1


Rotation Duration (months)
Outpatient pediatrics 1
Behavioral health 1
Inpatient family medicine 2
Orthopedics and sports medicine 1
Cardiology 1
Intensive care unit 1
Emergency medicine 1
Gynecology 1
Inpatient Pediatrics 1
Night Float/Elective 1


Rotation Duration (months)
Inpatient family medicine 1
Outpatient family medicine 1
Otolaryngology/urology 1
Gastroenterology 1
Community medicine/public health 1
Office chief 1
Orthopedics and sports medicine 1
Night float/elective 1
Electives 4