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The rotation for our psychiatry residency program offers two months of inpatient medicine, one month of outpatient care and one month of emergency medicine. Residents gain knowledge of suitable psychiatric treatment and effective procedures.

The curriculum is designed to provide broad clinical exposure in acute and chronic care in both inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as extensive experience in appropriate therapeutic options and procedures.

Residents will have the opportunity to individualize their training experience to prepare to enter the next phase of their career, including inpatient psychiatry, ambulatory practice, or pursuing a fellowship in a psychiatry sub-specialty of their choice.

The primary care rotation is comprised of two months of inpatient medicine, one month of outpatient medicine, and one month of emergency medicine.


Rotation Duration (months)
Inpatient psychiatry 6
Primary Care 4
Neurology 2


Rotation Duration (months)
Inpatient psychiatry 5
Consult-liaison 2
Child and adolescent psychiatry 2
Geriatric psychiatry 1
Addiction psychiatry 1
Emergency psychiatry 1


Rotation Duration (months)
Outpatient psychiatry 12


Rotation Duration (months)
Electives 5
Intensive outpatient psychiatry/partial hospitalization psychiatry 2
Consult-liaison 1
Forensic psychiatry 1
Administrative psychiatry 2
Community psychiatry 1