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TriStar Spring Hill Hospital

A Promise Fulfilled

TriStar Health is working to bring a full-service hospital to Spring Hill – ensuring that this growing and thriving community has access to the comprehensive healthcare services residents need.

As you know, there is no hospital in Spring Hill today. Anyone from Spring Hill who needs inpatient hospital care must travel to other cities for that care. Congestion on local roadways caused by the rapid growth of Spring Hill makes this difficult for many residents. Spring Hill is the largest city in Tennessee without a hospital. To bring inpatient care directly into the Spring Hill community and enhance access to healthcare for Spring Hill residents, TriStar Health has received approval to build a full-service 68-bed hospital on the site of the existing TriStar Spring Hill ER.

Benefits of a full-service hospital

TriStar Spring Hill Hospital will include 68 beds and offer comprehensive care. In addition to general acute care medical services, the hospital will offer surgical, maternity, imaging, cardiology and critical care services. The increased access to a broad range of services will benefit Spring Hill community residents, making it easier to get the care they need without having to leave Spring Hill.

Frequently Asked Questions